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24.03.2023    P.R.V.K. Photographie & Videographie (P.R.V.K.)

23.05.2023    Exposition "Teaching unfiltered" (IFEN)

07.07.2023 - 15.07.2023    „The Beauty Of Noise“ (Chris Malget)

08.08.2023 - 11.08.2023    FLUENCY (Alicia Cano & Norah Noush)

09.09.2023 - 16.09.2023    TRAVERSÉE (Noémie Tudoux)

22.09.2023 - 8.10.2023   "On the Other Side" (Stella Radicati)

27.10.2023 & 28.10.2023


a dance and sound performance

from our artist in residency Andra Nicolescu

7-8pm: Enter in silence to tune into the space and soundscape

8-9pm: Main performance

9-11pm: Connect with people // Enjoy heart warming drinks


In this interdisciplinary creation, light, sound, space, and movement unite to express themselves into one experimental language and one immersive experience. The narrative of the project is Andra´s personal story; For many years, she has performed and acted as she was told by others; as a dancer, a student, a citizen, a friend...After 30 years of excessive rush of doing and accomplishing, her body, mind and emotions collapsed. Through the fragmentation of her being, she discovered more and more who she is and how she wants to create herself. Who am I as a woman? - Became a powerful healing question for her. Going back to the roots of her authentic creative expression and reclaiming her femininity, are the processes she reveals in this work of art. It is an invitation for men and women to reconnect to their sacred wisdom and deep healing powers. The project is joined by wonderful creative collaborators from the fields of sound production, percussion, vocals, and lighting.

Artistic direction: Andra Nicolescu
Dance : Andra Nicolescu
Sound design: Andra Nicolescu
Executive sound production: Alex Heide
Intuitive multi instrumentalist: Maïya (live)
Vocals: Sarah Rieker (live), Warren Ashley
Lighting: Rick Simon
Videographer: Liz Wolter

Technical set-up: Pol Rischard


Reserve your spot in advance on

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